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August 25, 2021

NENENG LAW OFFICE is a bilingual business & Corporate tech- oriented Law Office in Douala, Cameroon.

We provide legal Services to Individuals and business structures in Cameroon, the Central African Sub- Region and the OHADA Region.

Our legal services are extended across- borders and internationally. Our influence and reputation as a law office in Cameroon providing Legal Services is the experience we keep building.

NENENG LAW OFFICE is headed by Neneng Yannick (The Founding Managing Partner) a Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Courts of Cameroon & Nigeria and a member of the Cameroon & Nigerian Bar Association.

Neneng Law Office as a Law Firm in Cameroon has a great experienced team of lawyers who are very much conversant with the laws and are able to offer advice and solutions on the law, legal Procedures and a wide range of associates legal issues.

Our Objectives

NENENG LAW OFFICE, a law firm in Cameroon and as a unique legal service provider, our objectives are:

  • To address clients’ legal issues by providing them with high quality legal services, excellent client service and create a bespoke approach in accordance with the law.
  • To seek a cordial and long term relationship with our clients and contacts and understand the importance of providing legal services and advice in a proactive and personal way.
  • To guide, advise and provide solutions to business entities and entrepreneurs on not just doing business in Cameroon and around the CEMAC Region but also on the environmental, socio- cultural, economic and administrative environment.
  • To redo work and to be referred to new clients. We appreciate that this will only happen when we consistently deliver the very best of our legal services and understand what our clients really want and how they want to achieve it.

We are a law office in Cameroon, where we work and uphold our reputation for our highly personal service and attention to details. Finding and advising on new opportunities and openings for our clients, which means we update them with vital information on specific matters and business transactions.

We are trusted by our clients for our unique and flexible approach, where we get to be involved in a critical part of their team and are able to address and manage their complex and valuable business transactions like our own.

Each client comes with different needs and concerns, thus our responsibility to achieve their goals and pursue their objective vigorously understanding their aim.

We believe that client relationships are based on trust and a sense of common purpose. Thus we strive to make the fee structure and legal cost as transparent and predictable as possible.

Our main priority is to deliver the best legal services and business solutions to help our clients to be more successful. Our fee arrangements are adjusting to the needs of clients, the client’s goal and the nature of the matter.

Our Areas of Practice

NENENG LAW OFFICE, as a diverse tech- oriented legal service law firm in Cameroon, our areas of practice include the following:

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution,
  2. Art Sport & Entertainment Law,
  3. Business & Corporate Law,
  4. Contracts,
  1. Conveyancing & Real Estate Law,
  2. Cyber Crime Law
  3. Data Protection & E-commerce Law,
  1. Employment and Immigration Law,
  1. Family Law,
  1. Intellectual Property Law,
  1. Conveyancing & Real Estate.

Transaction Management

NENENG LAW OFFICE transaction management leverages knowledge on research, drafting, law procedures and methodologies in response, managing the life cycle of a business transaction of their clients such as facilitating

Foreign Direct Investment in Cameroon, Company Incorporation in Cameroon, Contracts & Negotiations in Cameroon and other related Commercial and corporate activities.

Some of these transaction management practices include; Research, legal due diligence, legal opinions, communication and collaboration, data security, storage and archive accessibility.

We are able to archive and store every detail of your transaction for reference purposes if need be. Your data provided and stored with us is only for the purpose of your transaction and nothing else.

We involve our client and the Law Office in a varying relationship with each other, as well as we request multiple supporting evidential documents and messages in facilitating the business transaction.

As part of our transaction management approach, confidentiality is an asset we owe you our clients when managing your transaction. As a role of professional conduct, confidentiality is being respected in every aspect engaging in your transactions.

Moreover, NENENG LAW OFFICE has a culture of collaborative team work which enables efficiency and productivity managing clients’ business transactions. Our approach is bespeaking, negotiating, contracting, legalizing and improving the performance of our client business transaction outcome.

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