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Douala, Cameroon
Who we are
Located in the Centre of Douala, the economic hub of Cameroon, our small-size boutique law firm serves clients throughout the country as well as in the Central African Economic & Monetary Community (the CEMAC region) alongside the OHADA region. Our attorneys are fluent in English and French, giving us a distinct advantage when dealing with international clients.

What We Do

We are a well-established law firm in Cameroon, known for our expertise in representing clients from various parts of the world. Our legal services extend not only in Cameroon but also across the CEMAC and OHADA regions. We have extensive experience in various business sectors, including Agriculture, Entertainment, Energy, Finance, Health, Infrastructure, Mining, Tourism, Timber Exploitation, Transportation, and Telecommunications.

Our expertise allows us to provide support for foreign direct investment in these industries. We offer legal representation services for individuals and businesses in Cameroon, the CEMAC, and OHADA Regions.

Welcome to Neneng Law Office! At our corporate law firm in Cameroon, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch legal services that are customized to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys is passionate about delivering outstanding results in a wide range of practice areas. These include Business and Corporate law, Fintech, Public-Private Partnerships, Corporate and Regulatory compliance, Employment law, Energy law, Entertainment law, and Commercial litigation.

We strive to address challenging legal situations in a timely and efficient manner, prioritizing personalized attention and exceptional client service. We have a strong history of serving both individuals and businesses, catering to their unique legal requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide cross-border counsel, truly understanding our clients' interests and always prioritizing their needs.

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Our Objective

  • We strive to assist clients with their legal challenges by providing top-notch legal services, outstanding client support, and a personalized approach that adheres to all legal requirements.
  • We strive to build genuine and lasting relationships with our clients and contacts, recognizing the importance of providing proactive and personalized legal services and advice.
  • Revisiting tasks and receiving recommendations for potential clients. We understand that for this to happen, we need to consistently offer top-notch legal services and have a clear understanding of our client's needs and preferences.
At our law firm in Cameroon, we take great pride in delivering outstanding legal services and ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Staying informed about regulatory compliances that affect our clients' transactions is crucial in order to find and provide guidance on new opportunities and openings.

Our clients trust us because of our unique and flexible approach. We seamlessly integrate into their team, expand our expertise, and handle their complex and valuable transactions with the same level of care as if they were our own. We understand that every client has their own individual needs and priorities, so it is our responsibility to assist them in achieving their goals and pursuing their objectives with enthusiasm.

We understand that strong client relationships are formed through trust and a common objective. We strive to ensure that our fee structure and legal costs are transparent and predictable, so you know exactly what to expect. We are committed to delivering the highest quality legal services and business solutions to our clients, ensuring their success and growth. Our pricing arrangements are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, align with their goals, and address the nature of the problem at hand.
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