Areas of Practice

1. Immigration Law

Neneng Law Office has extensive knowledge of the procedural issues of employment and immigration in Cameroon. We assist individuals, entrepreneurs, foreign business entities, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations get appropriate legal documents such as:

• Visa Application
    - Business visa
    - Marriage Visa
Work Permit
- Resident permits
•Work permits before competent authorities to enable the movement of their workers from different parts of the world to Cameroon. We also assist with document legalization, notarization, document verification, and legal due diligence in Cameroon.

2. Business & Corporate Law

We advise and assist Individuals, entrepreneurs and companies in their Business formation, incorporation and tax processes in Cameroon such;
   - Private Limited Company, public limited company & partnership Company
   - Tax license and declaration
   - Representative Office

We also correspond in representing individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate entities on support legal services in Cameroon and the CEMAC Region in business licenses such as;
  - Import and Export license
  - Factory License & Franchising
  - Restaurant License & Timber Exploitation License
  - Construction License

Our assistance to individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies/corporate entities also included.
   -Contracts & contract review
   -Merger & Acquisition,
   -Partnership and joint venture investments.
We also help foreign investors with due diligence and legal advice when it comes to doing business in Cameroon.

3. Real Estate law

The Neneng Law Office considers each case as if it were a one-of-a-kind issue. We provide advice, negotiate, and facilitate the sale and purchase of land and real estate investment in Cameroon. Due diligence services are provided.

Due Diligence of the Property
Prior to purchase a property in Cameroon, it is highly recommended to conduct due diligence on the property's status to guarantee that it is ready to be transferred and free and clear of encumbrances. We carryout accurate due diligence , which include the following information:

   - Legal information as to the existence of a land title and current property owner,
   - If there is a third party in joint ownership except the owner.
   - If there is any security mortgage under the property
   - Official appraisal value of the property
   - Reviewing Sale and Purchase Agreements

We also handle real estate purchase and sale side transactions
   - Drafting enforceable purchase and sale agreements,
   - Facilitate the creation of real estate companies,
   - Negotiate real estate partnerships and joint ventures.

Lastly, we represent building owners(Landlords) in drafting;
   -Real estate leases, subleases & Commercial leases,
   -Representing tenants in interpreting and negotiating their tenancy agreements.
   -Retainership agreements on management of real estate property.

4. Employment & labor law

Neneng Law Office have in depth knowledge on procedural aspects of employment law across national boundaries.

We assist foreign individuals, entrepreneurs & corporate entities to obtain necessary legal documentations such as
   - Work permits before competent authorities to enable movement of their workers from different parts of the world to Cameroon.
   - We also enable notarization of documents, document verification and legal due diligence.

Finally advise and represent parties in:
   - Individual and collective employment disputes
   - Enforcement of employment contract terms.
   - Termination of employment
   - Wrongful dismissal Dismissal without cause
   - Out-of-court negotiation

5. Media, Technology and Telecom LAW

At Neneng Law Office, we assist and provide legal assistance relating to protection of intellectual property and data protection, IT, e-commerce and entertainment:

   - Intellectual property legal support and protection.
   - Data protection and privacy protection
   - Drafting, review and assessment of software contract and agreements.
   - Legal assistance for IT projects.
   - Commercial and regulatory issues technology & telecommunication.
   - Social media and user generated legal issues.
   - Software and Music copyright infringement
   - Terms and conditions for websites and apps.


Neneng Law Office advises and assists its clients in using alternate dispute settlement methods other than litigation. When it comes to managing our clients' disputes, we believe in amiable negotiations. Conciliation, arbitration, and mediation are the methods we use for alternative dispute resolution. We only litigate when an alternative settlement is not possible.


We are a leading entertainment and music law firm in Cameroon, advising, representing, and negotiating entertainment and music deals for industry stakeholders. What we do as a Cameroonian entertainment legal firm entails the following:
   - Facilitate and obtain artistic attestation for performing artists,
   - Assist in the formation and incorporation of entertainment entities in Cameroon (from Recording labels to Film production companies, videography companies and photography entities).  
   - We also review, advise and negotiate on music contracts  
   - Drafting and negotiating general entertainment contracts in diverse sphere of the industry.
   - Lastly we handle any possible legal issues of concern.
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