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October 11, 2022

Data protection is a necessity in navigating technologies and digitalization with the use of the Internet protecting individuals' information.

Neneng Law Office has skilled experts on data protection knowledgeable with the legal frameworks of Cameroon and can advise in terms of compliance. We advise and draft privacy policies and terms of conditions for individuals and organizations.

The aspect of a Data Protection law in Cameroon is not yet comprehensive but is under consideration.

Regardless, Legal provisions for Data Protection are found in several sectoral laws of Cameroon as well as the the International Bar Association , African Regional Forum has address data protection policy guide planning, functionality and management of a legal practice in Africa.

Neneng Law Office with expert in data protection, also have adequate knowledge on the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and can advise on Data Protection when it comes to cross border and third party compliance with Data within Cameroon.

Find herein below a link to our Managing Partner Neneng Yannick's assessment of Cameroon Data Protection to the OneTrust Data Guidance Publication.

OneTrust is the world’s principal provider of sui generis Data Protection content with respect to privacy with legislative assessments of over 300 jurisdictions.

What is Data Compliance?

Compliance as a guiding principle attribute to regulatory frameworks subject to any given sector. Data Compliance framework is a set of guidelines and best practices that helps individuals and organizations adhere to regulatory requirements.

These regulatory requirements are normally enunciating as bills and eventually adopted or approved by the authority so bein the form of acts, laws, regulation.

The Purpose of Data Compliance.

The predominant purpose of data compliance seeks to empower individuals to take control of their personal data and to support organizations with their lawful processing of personal data.

This aim at organizations being accountable and responsible in the use of individuals’ personal data.

The role of data compliance guides organizations on the do and don’t processing individuals’ sensitive data.

Data compliance also advises on competent authorities processing for law enforcement purposes.

In Cameroon the competent authority processing for law enforcement respect to data protection is ANTIC.

Under the GDPR, the European Data Protection Board is the competent authority with supervisory authorities of each member state represented at the board.

GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation)

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