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November 6, 2022

Divorce is complex when it comes to the dissolution or separation of a marriage likewise its procedure in Cameroon.

Neneng Law Office with specialized family law lawyers advises clients on divorce and family matters under English law (Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020) as applicable in the common law jurisdiction of Cameroon and the French Civil code as applicable in the Civil law jurisdiction.

Divorce in Cameroon: Judicial Separation

At Neneng Law Office, we regularly handle and are versed with divorce proceedings in both the common law and civil law jurisdictions of Cameroon.

Our familiarity with divorce procedure in Cameroon means we can process your divorce efficiently and in accordance with your preferred time scales.

If the spouses have been separated for one year and both request a divorce, (either or bother parties to the marriage may apply to the court for a judicial separation order) or the respondent consents to a divorce, there is a presumption that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

If the couple has been apart for three years, the court willalso presume the marriage has ended and will grant a divorce – even if onespouse does not agree.

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Cameroon?

The Cameroon Civil Code is slanted toward the rights of the husband. It states that the husband is the ‘head of the household’ and he can decide issues such as the family’s domicile and can married as many as four wives.

Husbands and wives can both initiate divorce proceedings. Courts will grant a divorce where:

·        There is mutual consent.

·        One spouse has deserted the other for a period of one year.

·        Married life has broken down.

·        There is fault on the part of one spouse.


What if one Party cannot find the Other Spouse?


Although not a common situation, it is possible that a spouse may seek to divorce an estranged partner who they cannot find the location.

In this event, the person seeking the divorce should show that they have done everything possible to seek out the other spouse.

This maymean having evidence demonstrating contact with the spouse’s friends,contacting the spouse’s last known residence and their family.

Shouldthere still be no response and no indication of where the spouse couldbe, it is fair to proceed with the divorce proceedings.

However,as this situation is quite unusual, it is, of course, advisable to contact anexperienced legal professional to ensure that you carry out your legalrequirements.

Divorce inCameroon and Child Arrangements

Cameroon tribunals tend to take the view that a child benefitsfrom contact with both parents.

If parents have joint care at the time of a divorce this islikely to continue after the divorce or otherwise decided as the court deem.

If one parent wishes to move abroad the courts will decide anyapplication by considering the welfare of the child.

Along with 80 other countries worldwide Cameroon is a signatoryto The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

If one spouse removes a child from Cameroon without appropriatepermission procedural measures can be engaged to secure the return of the childor other appropriate arrangement.

Divorce and Property Sharing

Before marriage couples may choose to own property jointly or separately through their marriage regime signed to before the civil status registrar. The courts will divide the property in accordance with the chosen regime at the time of divorce.

In some regions elements of English family law and French law may be applied if there is a dispute over property.

However, these less discriminatory rules are undermined in practice by the fact that Cameroonian women often face pressure to renounce property rights on divorce.

Legal Representation in Divorce Cases in Cameroon


At Neneng Law Office, we provide expert guidance and legal representation in divorce cases in Cameroon.

Family law cases are complex presenting many challenges beyond mere legal questions.

As experienced family lawyers, our team will handle your case with care and understanding.

Although every individual situation is unique, having experienced counsel in your corner is the foundation needed for a successful outcome.

Neneng Law Office, as a boutique law office in Cameroon. We advise clients from across the world in their dealings with divorce and family law issues in Cameroon.

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