Doing Business In Cameroon: A Guaranteed Overview To Foreign Investors.

March 13, 2022

Investing in Cameroon is regulated by law No.2002/004 of 19th April 2002 on the Investment Charter of the Republic of Cameroon.

HENCE, who is an Investor?

Section 3 of the aforementioned law defines an investor as any natural person or legal person, Cameroonian or foreigner, resident or non-resident who or which acquires an asset in connection with the performance of his, her or its activities in expectation of returns.

In regards, the state of Cameroon has issued laws and regulations to guide and enable a conducive environment to foreign investors in their quest doing and aiming to do business in Cameroon.

The aforementioned law in effect provides investment guarantees to investors of the private sector as follows:

  • Freedom to exercise an economic activity in Cameroon for every physical or corporate body of Cameroonian of foreign nationality.
  • Benefit of full protection of Cameroonian right.
  • Free choice of the legal procedure for arbitration and dispute settlement.
  • Enjoyment in the respect of the laws and regulations enforce of the right of every kind in terms of property (movable or immovable), concession and administrative authorization to every physical person or corporate body no matter the nationality.
  • Free transfer out of the territory of revenue of every kind coming from capital invested in.
  • Free execution of contracts useful for the interest of the investor in terms of finances and commerce.

Moreover, laws issued by the state to guide foreign investors in Cameroon, aiming to establish up their investment projects shall include the following laws:

Immigration Law 

Foreign investors (natural persons or corporate bodies) shall obtained the necessary visas for expatriate staff relating to the execution of their investment project in Cameroon. 

These expatriate staff most have duly approved contracts of employment by the Ministry of Labour in Cameroon, also enabling their immediate family to reside in Cameroon for their work purpose.

OHADA Business Law 

It enables and regulate natural persons or corporate bodies in their formation and incorporation process in accordance with OHADA business law in Cameroon. 
The law sets out the modalities on which foreign investors are to respect doing business in Cameroon.

Tax Law 

Taking into consideration Cameroon’s tax code, every foreign investor shall comply with its tax payments according to its tax regime per its functioning activities in Cameroon.

Labour Law. 

Foreign Investors shall in the application of fairness and transparency treat their workers be it nationals or foreigners in contractual engagements by the labour code. 

Nevertheless, the social security scheme of its workers.

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