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November 14, 2022

The internet and transformative technologies (digitalization, data and technology) has undoubtedly contributed to the rapid growth of cybercrime and fraud thus posing internet security issues.

Nevertheless, it is important to note here that engaging in business on the digital space and the use of transformative technologies entail a number of risks and legal issues as well as problems, as the current legal cases concerning the alleged scams and fraud make clear.

At Neneng Law Office, our lawyers are available to advise fraud and scam victims regarding their legal rights in Cameroon as well as guide you in due diligence before validating transactions electronically.

Make sure to contact our team directly to receive comprehensive legal advice.


Due Diligence Concluding Transactions Electronically Avoiding Scam & Fraud.

Legal due diligence inquiry is not an exemption with concluding transactions electronically, the more reason individuals and institution need to engage prior actions in due diligence to confirm the facts of the transaction they intend to engage in on the internet. Most individuals and institution neglect this vital aspect in electronic transactions which often end up in bad faith. How can individuals, businesses and institutions avoid being victims of scam and fraud? The underline answer is legal due diligence.

Criminal Proceedings in Cameroon

In case of any cyber offence fraud or scam, criminal investigation officers with general jurisdiction and authorized officers of the agency shall carry out investigation.

This shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal procedure code. Criminal investigations shall be the sole responsibility of the Judicial police office and their authorities.

Before assuming office in exercise of their duties, authorized officials of the agency shall take oath before the competent court of First instance in the words as adhere;

I swear to perform my duties loyally and to always abide by the responsibilities bestowed on me, to keep secret information I am aware of on the occasion of or in the discharge of my duties.

Their duties shall be performed under the supervision of the state counsel by judicial police officers, agents and all other civil servants or persons to whom judicial police functions are assigned by law.


Legal Options for Victims- Support with Neneng Law Office.

If you have lost money in connection with an alleged cyber scam or fraud, we advise you to contact our legal team.

Our experts will advise you in detail and develop a strategy for defending and representing your interests and rights together with you.

We will illustrate the legal steps necessary to recover your money and support you.

Our law firm is also your reliable and competent partner for all questions regarding to engaging with a business in Cameroon on the internet and technology and the legal situation surrounding the business transaction Scam in Cameroon.

As afull-service law office, we can advise you on all related matters.

NenengLaw Office is a disciplinary and full-service law office.

With headoffice in Douala, Cameroon, we operate nationwide and are always at yourservice. Our lawyers advise you in English and French languages.

Call us,send us an email or use our online form – we will be happy to give you anoverview of your legal options as part of an initial assessment.



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