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November 26, 2022

When you don't know how to go about it, document legalization and background checks in Cameroon might be complicated and difficult. If you want to legalize documents in Cameroon and from outside, or if you want to notarize or do a background check on official documents issued in Cameroon, Neneng Law Office is here to help you with the legalization, background check, establishing, and getting of such documents. We provide legal services at Neneng Law Office, where we facilitate the notarized documents and support the legalization of documents by other competent agencies doing background checks on documents.

If you intend to use the legalized documents overseas, need a document in Cameroon from abroad, or want to run background checks, Neneng Law Office is your option.

Can I legalize my Documents as a foreigner in Cameroon?

Yes, as a foreigner in Cameroon you can have your documents legalized, but specific documents as a foreigner will required the Ministry of External Relations.

Can My Document be legalized or established and obtained and I have it delivered abroad?

Yes, it is very possible, we can have the document legalized or established & obtained and have it delivered abroad either through DHL or FEDEX, what ever works for you.

What are the type of documents we facilitate establishing and obtain?

We assist and facilitate in establishing Birth certificates, Certificates of Celibacy (Single Status Certificate), Police Clearance Certificate, Certificate of Nationality, BulletinN°3 of the Criminal Record (B3) (also known as a Non- Conviction),Bulletin N°3 of the Criminal Record issued to Expatriates residing in Cameroon by the Ministry of Justice.

What are the documents we legalized as well as facilitate Legalization?

We legalize and facilitate the legalization of documents including Affidavit of Support, Birth Certificate, Business Documents, Death Certificates, Diplomas, Testimonials, Transcripts, Report cards, School certificates, Marriage Certificates, National Identity Card &Passport, Parental Authorization, Power of Attorney, Driving license and.

What are the Documents We Can Assist You Obtain from the Courts?

They include Birth Certificates with Restitution, Declaration of Recognition of Child Born out of Wedlock, Copy of Judgments, Certificate of Non- Appeal, Judgment Notification, Filing of Affidavit of Support.
At Neneng Law Office, we assist you in legalizing documents, establishing and obtaining any document of interest. Feel free to reach out for inquiries and we shall be at your services.

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